Hey, crypto clan! As a long-time Bitcoin bull and trading enthusiast, I’m always on the hunt for platforms that can boost my crypto gains without all the manual effort.

So when I first heard whispers about Bitcoin Supersplit and its automated crypto trading algorithms, my profit-seeking senses started tingling. But I know not all trading bots live up to their promise.

That’s why I decided to take a deep dive into Bitcoin Supersplit to assess if it’s just another hyped-up robot or a legitimate way to grow your crypto portfolio in the background. I’ll walk you through what I uncovered in this comprehensive review.

By the end, you’ll have all the deets on what Bitcoin Supersplit is, how it works, its features and tools, pricing, security, customer feedback, and more. There is no hype – just the facts and thoughtful analysis to determine if it’s worth trying. Let’s dive in!

What Exactly is Bitcoin Supersplit?

In a nutshell, Bitcoin Supersplit is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform designed to generate profits from digital currency markets through AI and algo-driven trading.

It was created in 2021 by Richard Smitten – a 20-year trading veteran and self-made crypto millionaire. He claims his system can help the average Joe earn regular returns from crypto without having to watch the markets or become a technical expert.

The magic lies in Bitcoin Supersplit’s intelligent algorithm, which monitors price action across Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins 24/7. When opportunities arise, it automatically executes “split trades” to profit whether the market moves up or down.

The goal is to take the emotion, stress, and effort out of trading so you can sit back, relax, and let Bitcoin Supersplit grow your crypto portfolio hands-free. But does it actually work? Let’s dig into how it operates.

How Bitcoin Supersplit’s Auto-Trading System Works

Bitcoin Supersplit relies on an automated split trading mechanism at its core. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

First, you fund your account with bitcoin, stablecoins, or fiat currency.

Next, the AI algorithm analyzes historical patterns and live market data using technical indicators. When it detects the right conditions, it enters split trade positions automatically.

These split trades involve simultaneously opening a long and short position. So you can profit whether the market goes up or down from that entry point.

The algorithm closes the trades when indicators signal the movement has peaked to lock in profits. It then reinvests the earnings to compound gains over time.

You simply sit back and watch the software do its thing! You can adjust your account settings and risk parameters when needed.

The company claims split trades executed by the AI deliver average monthly returns between 10% and 20% – but past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.

Key Features and Tools

In addition to its auto-trading algorithm, Bitcoin Supersplit provides users several features and tools including:

  • Personal dashboard to monitor your account, trades, and performance.
  • Ability to customize trading settings like assets, amounts, risk tolerance and more.
  • Built-in technical indicators to analyze market conditions yourself if desired.
  • Risk management tools to protect capital, like stop losses.
  • Educational training resources on crypto trading for beginners.
  • Seamless withdrawals so you can access your capital and profits.

For an automated platform, having extra customization options and risk guards is useful. However navigating all these tools does require some learning.

What Benefits Does Bitcoin Supersplit Offer Crypto Traders?

According to its creators and users, Bitcoin Supersplit provides several advantages compared to manual trading, including:

Hands-free trading – Its AI handles the market analysis and order execution for you 24/7. No more watching charts all day!

Emotionless trading – Algorithms make rational decisions based on data, not emotions that lead to mistakes.

Market neutral returns – Split trading allows profits in bull and bear markets. It’s not dependent on price swings.

Proven strategy – Successfully backtested for efficiency over 10+ years of market data.

Time savings – No need to spend hours each week researching and monitoring markets yourself.

For traders looking to grow their crypto portfolio passively, these benefits sound enticing. But is the reality as rosy? Let’s dig into the pricing and plans.

Membership Packages and Pricing

Bitcoin Supersplit offers a few membership tiers:

Starter – $250 one-time fee + 10% commissions on profits
Pro – $1,000 one-time fee + 8% commissions on profits
VIP – $5,000 one-time fee + 5% commissions on profits

The one-time fee unlocks access to the platform, tools, and training. The commissions are deducted from profits on each trade.

At the Starter level, you need at least $1,000 in capital to start auto-trading. The minimum rises to $5,000 and $10,000 for Pro and VIP, respectively.

There are no subscription fees. You just pay the one-time unlock fee and commissions. Withdrawals, platform use, and support are free.

So, while the upfront cost is high, the commission model helps align Bitcoin Supersplit’s incentives with users. Their goal is helping you profit so they earn also.

Security and Legitimacy Concerns

When assessing an automated crypto investing platform, security and legitimacy are huge. Here are some key factors I considered:

  • Bitcoin Supersplit appears to operate legally and is compliant with regulators. They have the necessary licenses to provide financial services in their operating jurisdictions.
  • User accounts, documentation, and data are encrypted and securely stored. Funds held in reputable, insured custodians.
  • As a company, they report transparently on their performance and trading practices. Founder Richard Smitten has a public profile.
  • Independent rating sites give Bitcoin Supersplit positive reviews and high trust ratings based on user feedback.

Overall, they implement reasonable security processes and protections, which gave me confidence. That said, there is always a risk when automating trading through a third party.

What Customers Are Saying in Reviews

In my research, I found Bitcoin Supersplit has generally positive (but mixed) customer reviews across various sites:

  • Many praise the easy setup, intuitive dashboard, and quality customer support.
  • Multiple users claim profits initially, but some cite inconsistencies in longer-term performance.
  • Some critique the higher minimum capital requirements and fees.
  • A few complaints withdrawals take several business days to process.
  • Many admit they don’t fully understand how the underlying algorithm works.

The common thread is marking early profits but growing skeptical over time. As with most trading bots, actual returns seem highly variable.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Supersplit

Here’s a quick rundown of the key upsides and downsides I identified:


  • Crypto profits without active trading or technical skills required
  • Tools and training to customize the experience
  • Established founder with trading expertise
  • Positive initial feedback on profits


  • High minimum capital and membership costs
  • Complex split trading strategy not easily understood
  • Inconsistent longer term performance
  • Funds locked while trading in algorithm

Who is Bitcoin Supersplit a Good Fit For?

Based on my analysis, Bitcoin Supersplit may make sense for:

  • Crypto investors are open to taking calculated risks for higher reward potential.
  • Beginners who want to tap into trading but lack the skills.
  • Experienced traders wanting to diversify into algorithmic strategies.
  • Anyone seeking passive crypto income without active management.

It’s likely not the best fit for those averse to risk, with limited capital or desiring full control over trading.

At the end of the day, Bitcoin Supersplit shows promise but isn’t without risks typical of algorithmic trading platforms. The auto-trading concept has a clear appeal. But as with any “black box” strategy, it’s hard to assess long-term sustainability.

If willing to embrace the risks and high upfront costs, joining Bitcoin Supersplit could provide valuable diversification and passive income potential. Just be wary of expectations for consistent outsized returns year after year.

As usual, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose, and use prudence! Let me know if you give this creative crypto trading bot a try.

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